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Cordate Education Centre focuses on providing a high quality learning experience for children from 0 - 7 years old. We keep up to date with the rapid changes of the educational environment to evaluate and modify our courses in order to meet those changes. 


Cordate Education Centre not only serves as a traditional teaching centre, we also serve a partner for parents and children in their growth. That is also why we emphasise on having close communication with parents, to make the partnership work perfectly between Cordate and home.



  • 提供有系統、合適的早期教育課程。

  • ​以遊戲的方式開發孩子的全腦。

  • 設英語及粵語課程,配合孩子需要。

  • 小班教學,師生比例1:6 •指導父母正確評估孩子的發展特徵。

  • 教材和教具完美的配合,令學習功效更顯著。 

  • 為孩子學前打好基礎。

  • Provide systematic and appropriate early education programs.

  • Develop the child's whole brain in a game-like manner.

  • English and Cantonese classes are available to meet your child's needs.

  • Small class teaching, ratio of teachers to students is 1: 6 

  • A perfect combination of teaching materials and teaching aids makes learning more effective.

  • Build a good pre-school foundation for your child.

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